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Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai for Your Business Trip

Every business traveler needs some place to stay when they are on trip. Your trip to the destination may not be a single visit because it is a business trip. You will have many benefits of choosing serviced apartments over normal hotel. The current article will discuss the benefits of choosing the serviced apartments Mumbai for your business trips.

Fully furnished

Serviced apartments can be an ideal solution for business trip due to many reasons. These apartments have furnished with everything to make your life comfortable. It just serves like home away from home and gives you best serviced accommodation. If your business trips are frequent to the location, these serviced apartments are ideal for short and long term stays.

Business activity

When you are working other business activity like meetings and conference in the new location, residing in the hotel will create a need to arrange all these facilities to conduct it smoothly. On the contrary, if you choose to go with the serviced apartment, it serves your multipurpose requirements. You can host your meeting with great ease and provide refreshments for your guests.


Sometimes, your business trip may include some securing business documents. Though hotels also provide security to store the documents, you have to rely on the hotel staff regarding the same. On the contrary, if you choose to stay in the serviced apartment, you can ensure that you have provided enough security to your documents by locking them in safe place. It is in fact the safest place to carry your business activities in the new location because there will be no number of people roaming around your room.


There is no need for you to compromise on your home food when you choose to go with these serviced apartments. Your kitchen will be stocked up and you can cook your desired hot food whenever you are feeling hungry. Most of the serviced apartments will have Wi-Fi connection too. You will have easy accesses to the internet whenever you need it. You will enjoy good benefit when you choose serviced apartment for business trip.

Where to Stay In Mumbai for Long Vacation?

Mumbai is a city that holds a lot of promise for those who come to explore the city and wish to see the most beautiful side of it. This is one of the biggest reasons why tourists and holiday enthusiasts choose Mumbai as their long vacation destination. While it may be extremely exciting to tour the city and check out new places, there is one problem that a lot of people face and that is the issue of accommodation. When on a long vacation, not all people may be comfortable living in hotels and the hotels in the right location in Mumbai may prove to be extremely pricey. Living in a hotel on a long vacation may also be unviable because it does not provide the cosy warmth that a hotel provides which is why luxury service apartments in Mumbai are highly demanded by tourists who visit the city for a long vacation.

large-img_27Even though service apartments are in great demand, it is important to know the most viable locations in Mumbai where on should opt for the apartment. Since Mumbai is a vast city and there are lots of suburbs and areas where serviced apartments may be available, choosing the right place is of essence because a wrong choice may end up spoiling the entire vacation experience. It should be ensured that the apartment is centrally located; anything that is too far may take the vacation enthusiasts away from the popular spots of sight-seeing. The commute to all the places of interest such as the Phoenix Mall, the marine drive, the flea markets of Mumbai and the popular eateries, should be smooth. It should be checked whether the area that is chosen for the stay is ideal for a holiday group because any area that is situated in a far off suburb may be fit only for those who make a living in Mumbai, not really exciting for those who visit on a holiday. Luxury service apartments in Mumbai in areas such as Worli are ideal for those who love to be at the centre of all action. It is a place which connects easily with the entire city and the places to holiday in Mumbai are situated close to the Worli area.


Benefits of Staying in a Serviced Apartment

large-img_27At the time of thinking about accommodation during a holiday trip the first option that comes to mind is of hotels. But now there is another option available in the form of serviced apartments which provides better amenities in addition to being cheaper also.

If you are not sure what a serviced apartment is then in simple terms, it is an apartment which is fully furnished and offers many of the comforts of a home but is run as a hotel and services by housekeeping staff.

So what are the benefits of staying in service apartments in Mumbai? Let us find out.

Top 7 Benefits of Services Apartments

  1. Space: One of the main advantages of opting for serviced homes in Mumbai is that there is a lot more living space as compared to hotels.

  2. Kitchen: Even if you have no plans of doing cooking while on vacation, a kitchen with a microwave oven and fridge can be useful for heating up the snacks or storing beverages.

  3. Housekeeping: Housekeeping is generally a few times in a week instead of being a several times a day routine. This is very convenient since you get enough time to relax rather than attending the housekeeping staff.

  4. Cost: Serviced apartments, Mumbai are normally less costly than hotels, and is one of the main points of attraction for many.

  5. Laundry: Most of the service apartments in Mumbai have dryers and washing machine for DIY laundry. This results in considerable cost saving for you since laundry services tend to be quite expensive in hotels.

  6. Location: Most of these serviced apartments are located in good localities. This makes traveling to your chosen destination a lot easier and comfortable, be it any business conclave, shopping center or a tourist spot.

  7. Privacy: Normally there will be less number of people staying at serviced apartments in comparison to hotels. Thereby providing a lot more privacy than available if you are staying at any hotel. As for example, a hotel with 200 rooms would have at least 500 people staying at any time while an apartment block with 50 apartments will have a maximum of 150 people.

There are several types of service apartments ranging from studio apartments for solo travelers to bedroom apartments for families to more luxurious penthouses for those not afraid of spending a bit more.


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