Mumbai is the financial and industrial hub of India and hence, you see hordes of people coming to this city every day, to try their fortune. Besides the labor force, you have young professionals and trainees migrating to this city for career growth or job opportunities. The main cause of concern for these professionals is getting a decent accommodation in Mumbai. It is not practical for them to stay in hotels which charge exorbitantly for prolonged periods. Depending upon the period of stay, two better alternatives come to their rescue, the service apartments in Mumbai or corporate apartments in Mumbai.

Service apartment comes with a kitchenette besides your private residing quarters and is used if the stay varies from a few days to a month or so. You also get the benefit of other amenities such as house-keeping, concierge, internet connection as well facilities of the chef.  Corporate apartments are furnished apartments or condos obtained by corporations on rent for their top executives.

You can choose locations of these apartments such that they are close to your place of work, with Worli and Bandra being the most preferred locations. If you need luxury service apartments in Mumbai then the serviced apartments in Worli and other downtown areas become ideal places to make your temporary home.