Today we are happy to share one of our happy customers real experience when he came to Mumbai from Australia and how Seven Serviced Apartments helped him to find his missing laptop.

Hello Anand!! it’s Carl Buckingham from Apartment 2802. I wanted to let you know how much your staff helped me on the night of our arrival. if they haven’t already informed you!

When we got here and unloaded the taxi, I inadvertently left my Laptop bag in the back of it. When I discovered this it was well after the taxi had driven off and I was devastated. I run my Sourcing business from my Laptop and losing it would have meant losing my entire business records.

When I advised the young man that arrived to assist with our check-in (I’m sorry but I am not sure of anyone’s names here) he immediately started making inquiries at your reception desk with others that were there and they tried contacting the company that I had paid for the taxi trip at the airport with a lot of difficulty!!!

I will not go into all the details that then occurred, but the 3 gentlemen that assisted me, and drove me back to the airport and searched for this taxi with and for me until we were able to locate it, were nothing short of amazing! The unselfish assistance that they afforded me was way beyond what I could have ever reasonably expected and I really want you to be very proud of these 3 men on behalf of your company as I truly am!

Carl Buckingham

My wife and I have talked about this a lot and we both agree that this would not have happened in Australia. You would have been left to try to sort this by yourself! I commend your staff immensely and am very proud to promote Seven Serviced Apartments to all the people that I talk to that come here from Australia for Dental work or other reasons.

I have not seen any of the 3 gentlemen since that night but I will always be indebted to them for what they did for me! Please let them know that Anand!

I think that you will have a gentleman from Sydney coming here to stay on 19th or 20th April. He is one of the people I recommended Seven Apartments to! I believe he will be here for 2 weeks and is travelling alone. His name is John Antonakis. Please take good care of him Anand and give him a nice room to stay in as he is very nervous about coming to Mumbai by himself!

Thank you Anand!! We are enjoying our apartment also! I will see you soon in your office…

Kind regards…


Carl Buckingham

Room 2802