Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai for Your Business Trip

Every business traveler needs some place to stay when they are on trip. Your trip to the destination may not be a single visit because it is a business trip. You will have many benefits of choosing serviced apartments over normal hotel. The current article will discuss the benefits of choosing the serviced apartments Mumbai for your business trips.

Fully furnished

Serviced apartments can be an ideal solution for business trip due to many reasons. These apartments have furnished with everything to make your life comfortable. It just serves like home away from home and gives you best serviced accommodation. If your business trips are frequent to the location, these serviced apartments are ideal for short and long term stays.

Business activity

When you are working other business activity like meetings and conference in the new location, residing in the hotel will create a need to arrange all these facilities to conduct it smoothly. On the contrary, if you choose to go with the serviced apartment, it serves your multipurpose requirements. You can host your meeting with great ease and provide refreshments for your guests.


Sometimes, your business trip may include some securing business documents. Though hotels also provide security to store the documents, you have to rely on the hotel staff regarding the same. On the contrary, if you choose to stay in the serviced apartment, you can ensure that you have provided enough security to your documents by locking them in safe place. It is in fact the safest place to carry your business activities in the new location because there will be no number of people roaming around your room.


There is no need for you to compromise on your home food when you choose to go with these serviced apartments. Your kitchen will be stocked up and you can cook your desired hot food whenever you are feeling hungry. Most of the serviced apartments will have Wi-Fi connection too. You will have easy accesses to the internet whenever you need it. You will enjoy good benefit when you choose serviced apartment for business trip.

Finding the Perfect Serviced Apartment in Mumbai

Travelling to the city of dreams, Mumbai has become a common thing among people in the recent times. There are people who travel or different reasons and find solace for their needs in the city, it could be for business or for leisure. Whatever may the reason be, people often end up seeking a more comfort in the place where they live as living in a hotel may not be the most viable option while in a city full of hustle bustle. This is one major reason why Service Apartments in Mumbai have found a lot of acceptance and demand. However, it is important that the best service apartment is found and chosen for the stay so that the comfort and happiness of the users does not get affected. There are a few pointers that one should keep in mind while choosing a service apartment, so that the right place is chosen.

The most important aspect of choosing a serviced home in the city is to make sure that a good location is chosen. A place like Bandra or Worli may be ideal for selecting a serviced home as these areas offer convenience in travel and are located in close proximity of the business hub in Mumbai as well as the leisure attractions of the city. One must also check what kind of add-on services are attached with the serviced apartments, because while a comfortable home may be important, the amenities and facilities offered by hotels are also equally essential while living in one of the biggest metro cities of India. Finally one must check whether the home is economical enough for the user and whether the services are worth the money. When all the aspects of the home fall into the right slots, one may finalize on the service and enjoy a happy and comfortable time in the house.

Best Executive Apartments in Mumbai

service apartments worliMumbai is the city of dreams and it has something to offer to everyone. However, people feel apprehensive about the living conditions in the city and that is why those who travel to Mumbai on a professional capacity usually find themselves struggling to find a good accommodation. With the increasing space crunch and the bad living conditions, among all the problems serviced apartments in Mumbai come as a sliver of hope and offer something for the professionals to look forward to. The serviced apartments are places that offer comfort and relaxation from the hustle bustle of the fast life of Mumbai. There are a number of features that make the best executive apartments in Mumbai.

One of the biggest features is that any apartment that helps cut down on the travel time within the city is a home that is borderline excellent. Hence, it must be ensured that the serviced apartment in Mumbai is in a good location, in close proximity with the business hubs and centres of the city. It is also important to check the kind of facilities that are available in and around the apartments. Basic services such as chemists and grocery stores help when they are nearby. It is also essential to check the kind of amenities that are provided by the serviced apartment provider. With the growing competition, providers offer services such as housekeeping, meals on order and laundry services, these are the basics that need to be provided to someone who is on a visit to a new city and is at the place solely in a professional capacity.

With the changing times and advancing lifestyles, it is essential to make sure that the professionals that visit Mumbai get the right kind of treatment and a comfortable living experience. This would ensure that the professionals keep coming back for work and keep the economy of the state growing.

Where to Stay In Mumbai for Long Vacation?

Mumbai is a city that holds a lot of promise for those who come to explore the city and wish to see the most beautiful side of it. This is one of the biggest reasons why tourists and holiday enthusiasts choose Mumbai as their long vacation destination. While it may be extremely exciting to tour the city and check out new places, there is one problem that a lot of people face and that is the issue of accommodation. When on a long vacation, not all people may be comfortable living in hotels and the hotels in the right location in Mumbai may prove to be extremely pricey. Living in a hotel on a long vacation may also be unviable because it does not provide the cosy warmth that a hotel provides which is why luxury service apartments in Mumbai are highly demanded by tourists who visit the city for a long vacation.

large-img_27Even though service apartments are in great demand, it is important to know the most viable locations in Mumbai where on should opt for the apartment. Since Mumbai is a vast city and there are lots of suburbs and areas where serviced apartments may be available, choosing the right place is of essence because a wrong choice may end up spoiling the entire vacation experience. It should be ensured that the apartment is centrally located; anything that is too far may take the vacation enthusiasts away from the popular spots of sight-seeing. The commute to all the places of interest such as the Phoenix Mall, the marine drive, the flea markets of Mumbai and the popular eateries, should be smooth. It should be checked whether the area that is chosen for the stay is ideal for a holiday group because any area that is situated in a far off suburb may be fit only for those who make a living in Mumbai, not really exciting for those who visit on a holiday. Luxury service apartments in Mumbai in areas such as Worli are ideal for those who love to be at the centre of all action. It is a place which connects easily with the entire city and the places to holiday in Mumbai are situated close to the Worli area.


Serviced Apartments – Excellent Alternative to Traditional Hotel Accommodation

service apartments Mumbai

If by any chance you are moving to Mumbai and you are searching for an accommodation, there is no better option than the serviced apartments that are available here. There are best serviced apartments available in Mumbai and these apartments can suit all your needs and requirements. You can drop the idea of accommodating yourself in a hotel because of the service apartments in Mumbai. These types of apartments can cater to all your needs during your short term stay or long term stay. Apart from all these benefits, they can offer you a lot of privacy as well.

A serviced apartment might have numerous characteristics that can make you to compare it with a traditional hotel. However if one observes these apartments deeply, he can know that there are quite a few differences. For starters a serviced apartment will offer a lot of privacy to the users as compared to the traditional hotels. The frequency of housekeeping is very less which means you will not be disturbed often. There is also a lot of space in a service apartment. You can make good use of this space and can enjoy a very comfortable stay.

Serviced apartments in Mumbai are the best in the industry. They are rated highly. Mumbai is a very huge city and sometimes it might be tough to acquire proper and suitable accommodation. These types of apartments have surely solved this particular problem. If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time and are eager to solve the problem of accommodation, these serviced apartments are there to solve your problem. The cost of these types of apartments is also very less which means that you will not have to spend a lot of money. The cost is very less when compared to the traditional hotels.

The services that are provided in these apartments are also state of the art. They provide laundry and housekeeping services that can easily be compared to the traditional hotels. You can also avail the facility of home cooked food from time to time without any problems. These apartments can be used for both group as well as family stay. You can stay with colleagues, your family or any one you feel suitable. You can also use such serviced apartments in Mumbai for short term or long term stay. There is no fixed period of time for which you must stay.

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