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If you work, but don’t live in Mumbai, you have the need of a good serviced apartment. Worli is the most sought after locations for such professional quarters. Businessmen and executives, who travel to Mumbai regularly, often have contractual agreements drawn up with their choice serviced apartments. Worli, being the major Corporate District of the city is the highest demanded in terms of furnished serviced apartments. Mumbai however is more than just the corporate district, and Worli is a central location for traveling to any suburban or central area in the city.

A scanning look through a good map of Mumbai, you can get an idea of the layout of the traffic routes. Working in Mumbai is all about professionalism and super fast work culture, and getting to work and time is all about efficiency and good traveling knowledge. If you are working in Worli, it’s easy to find good executive serviced apartments. Worli is however an expensive location, and if your expenses aren’t covered, or you’ve got a long stay – you may be facing a large bill. However, there are plenty of other locations to choose your accommodations at to get to work on time. Furnished serviced apartments, Mumbai, or anywhere else, make sure that the commercial backbone of the city is well accommodated.

On the bay and close to the best beaches, there is a lot of life here. The extra spice is great shopping and good food – but the best thing about this locality is that is centrally placed between the suburbs and central Mumbai lines. If you want to get to work fast, this is a great location to find good serviced apartments. Worli also adds in a flavor of life and recreation – things most necessary and rare in the city. All work and no play is always a path to bad work; and that is not a concern in Worli. However, like Worli, most serviced apartments here are always full and expensive to a point. It is still savvy from a hotel or a rental apartment; but the cost may be considerable if you did not plan in advance.

The best way of choosing a serviced apartment that won’t drain your pockets dry is to look for deals that most such businesses have on their websites. If you book in advance and make a good bargain out of it, you could get a week long say in a good serviced apartment in Mumbai, without feeling a large pinch. That is why you should preferably look online for your serviced apartments in Worli.